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Kulas: Climate change is religion? Hardly

Paul Kulas
Valley Voices

Butch Mazzuca’s latest piece, “Is climate change science or religion,” is basically a comfort piece. He wrote what’s comforting to him.

Here’s just some of what he got completely wrong.

First, Mazzuca wants the reader to believe that nuclear power is safe, clean, and economical. To support his claim, he links to a column on a website that lobbies for nuclear power. That’s like making a case for Donald Trump by asking the president what he thinks of himself.

Then Mazzuca wants the reader to believe that solar farms take up a bunch of space and that’s the way it is, now and forever. Butch omits that solar panels are getting smaller and more powerful. He leaves out all the development of solar roof tiles, led by Tesla. He leaves out offshore wind turbines.

Mazzuca wants the reader to believe that solar today is solar years from now. He doesn’t consider that solar roof tiles take up no space because the house is already there. Same thing with offshore wind turbines.

Then Mazzuca goes back to nuclear. Hey, Butch, have you seen the HBO miniseries, “Chernobyl?” You should watch it. Here the inference is that if one country is getting power from nuclear, so should others.

What Mazzuca leaves out are all the countries such as France, Britain, India, Italy, India, and Germany who have plans to get at least 30% of their energy from solar alone by 2030.

Another inference, popular with Republicans, is why should the United States do anything towards solving the climate crisis when other countries aren’t? China is now the largest electric vehicle market in the world. India is leading the way in electric two-wheelers. China is kicking our behinds in the development of solar, all because Mazzuca’s political party let it happen. How un-American, to support another country kicking our behind in energy.

Mazzuca writes that solar is made from toxic materials, which isn’t entirely true. He writes there’s no plan to “safely dispose” of panels, which is way not true. Startups in Silicon Valley are working on recycling solar and batteries. Tesla’s battery recycling plans are happening.

Then Mazzuca wants the reader to believe the forecasts for climate disaster are “apocalyptic” and “arrogance.” What’s arrogant is Mazzuca thinks he knows more than the experts.

Butch, can you please explain what motivations the United Nations or scientists have to lie to us? It’s not like their research is funded by Big Solar, Big Wind, or Big Broccoli. So what benefit do all those who’ve presented research get by lying to us?

I can see your motivations when you’re part of the party who’s doing all it can to block the future. But I can’t see where the research that’s been presented to date is motivated by anything else than the common good.

Mazzuca goes on to say that climate science is not settled. Of course, it’s not. Science isn’t about “settled.” It’s about data. Over 90% of the science community (real scientists, not bloggers) is in agreement that we’re headed toward climate catastrophe.

The community agrees we, the people, caused the problems. Mazzuca is basically saying he’s found three people who say smoking cigarettes doesn’t cause cancer — we should listen to them instead of the majority.

Then Mazzuca writes that the Green New Deal doesn’t have any specifics. No, Butch, it doesn’t. It wasn’t meant to and if you’d have done more research outside your comfort zone you’d have known that. The Green New Deal was only meant to start the discussion that big changes are needed. At least Mazzuca didn’t write that the Democrats are coming for his hamburger.

He closes by writing something to the effect that we need to slow down, do some studies, really examine stuff before we move away from fossil fuels. He wants the reader to believe solar is a “bright shiny object,” not much more than a distraction.

Sorry, but the future is here. Solar and wind are already cheaper than fossil fuels — no tax breaks needed. Utility rates are going down because solar is cheaper — call Holy Cross and ask them. Our family has solar and an electric car. We don’t pay for electricity or gas. We’re saving big money every year.

Electric cars are better, cheaper, faster, and safer than internal combustion engine cars. All you have to do to find out is to go drive a Tesla. Solar and wind is only going to get cheaper, and the costs for consumers are only going to go down.

If your party would just get out of the way and practice the rules of capitalism, our country would realize the economic opportunity that makes the internet seem small. If the Republicans would govern with integrity, instead of their wallets, we’d all be better off.

Confucius says, “The chicken cackles loudest when its head is on the chopping block.”

You and the Republicans want to hold onto a time in America that never was. The net of this illusion is we’re less free. But no matter. That’s what elections are for. You guys are on the way out.

Paul Kulas is an Eagle resident who uses solar energy and drives a Tesla. Email him at paul@heyheyrenee.com

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