Land and Rivers Fund: How you can stop the spread of noxious weeds

Sue Nikolai
Valley Voices

Do you have invasive weeds in your neighborhood, on your property or in a common area where you live?  Dealing with these noxious weeds can seem overwhelming, but it’s important work. Partnering up to help tackle this issue, the Land & Rivers Fund, Eagle County, Eagle River Watershed Council and Eagle Valley Land Trust have launched a program called Weed Warriors of the Eagle River Valley. 

As part of our conservation-focused missions, restoration and protection of land and water in Eagle County and keeping our beautiful valley free of invasive species are top priorities for this program.

Why are invasive species bad for our environment?

  • They threaten Colorado’s natural resources and natural beauty.
  • Invasive weeds lack natural enemies that would otherwise curtail their growth, causing them to be highly destructive, highly competitive, and very difficult to control.
  • They are plants that directly or indirectly injure or cause damage to agriculture, livestock, irrigation, navigation, recreation, natural resources, public health or the environment.
  • Invasive weeds threaten biodiversity and ecosystem stability.
  • Each year in Eagle County, hundreds of acres of rangeland, wildlife habitat, recreational areas and native plant communities are destroyed by noxious weeds.
  • Learn more about the effects of invasive weeds at

We need your help in combating this serious and ever-worsening ecosystem issue. The Weed Warriors program details are as follows, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions 

  • The program is open to anyone in the Eagle River Valley who owns property, lives in a neighborhood, is a member of an HOA or other similar organization and has noxious/invasive weeds/trees on  the property.  
  • We are accepting nominations for the program now through August 3, and in the meantime we encourage you to learn more about our local noxious weed species through the use of our Weed Bingo activity available on our webpage.
  • We will select winners for a mini-education and mitigation session this fall, and one winner for a full- day service project in 2021 on the property. This day includes education and mitigation work with partner staff and volunteers from your neighborhood, HOA, family, etc.  
  • For more information, please go to The nomination form, invasive weed bingo card, and more information on the program can be found there. 

We want to work with you to help get rid of the weeds in your area.  Apply by August 3 and help stop the spread!

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Sue Nikolai is the program director for the Land and Rivers Fund in Eagle County. Find out more at

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