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Learning about bats: From the classroom to the Vail Daily (letter)

Dear editor: Thank you for sharing the article about Bat Week (“Bat Week comes to Colorado,” Wednesday, Oct. 24). Ms. McKeone’s reading group at Camp Minturn just read a book called “The Truth about Bats.”

Our class really learned a lot about bats by reading this book and your article. There are many different things we found interesting in your article. We liked that you told us there are 18 different species of bats in Colorado with 13 hibernating species.

What we also thought was interesting was that bats are important to our environment. They are helpful by eating many different insects that can hurt the crops and other insects that can make us very sick. In addition to the facts in the paper, we also learned about guano in “The Truth about Bats.” Guano is bat poop. It is a natural fertilizer for farmers and gardeners.

We enjoyed everything about “Bat Week comes to Colorado,” but we respectfully disagree with one part. We know that bats really are not blind. They choose to use echolocation to get around in the dark. We appreciate you sharing about bats in the newspaper. We learned some new things. We hope you learned something from us, too.


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Gisely Sanchez, Seth Wieder, Elaina Pacheco, Naomi Martinez Carlson, Kate Kovacik and Elle Armistead

Camp Minturn

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