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Let’s fund transit the right way: Vote ‘yes’ for Proposition 110 (letter)

Anyone who knows me knows I hate to drive. I especially hate to drive on roads filled with potholes, traffic, unsafe bridges and dangerous conditions for road bikers. That is why I’m supporting Proposition 110, Let’s Go Colorado.

Prop. 110 Let’s Go Colorado would fund transportation projects via a 0.62 percent increase to the Colorado sales tax, a little more than half a cent on a dollar purchase or 6.2 cents on a $10 purchase.

An increase to the sales tax is a better way than increasing the gasoline tax, since gasoline sales are declining as more electric and other alternative fuels are introduced into the transportation system. If we want to have a transportation system that works, we need to have funds to maintain our existing transportation system as well as develop the transportation system for the future, especially if we want our state and local economy to thrive.

There is a competing transportation proposition that would use bonds to fund road construction. The other proposition is called Fix Our Damn Roads, which uses bonds to finance transportation projects. The problem with using bonds is taxpayers are on the hook to pay bonds back. This proposition doesn’t even raise enough funds for the transportation projects listed in the proposition. It also doesn’t provide an ongoing revenue stream to cover all the projects the Colorado Department of Transportation has deemed high-risk infrastructure that needs to be fixed. So where is the “fix”?

What I really like about Prop. 110, Let’s Go Colorado, is it provides a funding mechanism for local entities to use transportation dollars that benefits local communities. This would give Eagle County the opportunity to use some of this money to help complete our bike paths and improve our local bus service. Improved transportation access and options benefit all of us.

I urge you to vote “yes” for Prop. 110, Let’s Go Colorado.

Annie Goodman


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