Let’s not forget America’s motto: E pluribus unum: Out of many, one (letter) | VailDaily.com

Let’s not forget America’s motto: E pluribus unum: Out of many, one (letter)

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

This is the original 13-letter motto for the United States. This simple Latin phrase embodies all that the Founding Fathers wanted America to be: a nation of like-minded people all working toward a similar goal of life, liberty and equality.

Our nation is like none other on Earth, because to be an American citizen isn’t about being a certain race, color or religion. It’s not about where you are from or what your heritage is. An American citizen is someone who wants to be in America, who wants the opportunity to make their life and their family’s lives better.

America is the place for dreams to come true or to wilt in the sun, but it is the place of dreams like none other on Earth. That is why America has the greatest number of entrepreneurs, because here like nowhere else people can fail, try and fail again until they succeed.

America once symbolized the unity and freedom that people long for all over the world, but it seems as if we have forgotten what it is to be American. Instead of seeing others as fellow citizens, nay brothers and sisters, we see differences and strangers that keep us apart. Instead of lending a hand and being a good example to the world, our news channels talk of building walls, violence in schools and show a culture of fear, rather than community.

President Donald Trump’s obsession with winning appears to have come at the cost of morals and ethics. Somehow, as we have grown as a country, we have turned our backs to what America is supposed to be. Somehow it seems we are losing the soul of America.

Out of many, one. Similar to the Android motto, “Be together, not the same,” the motto unites all who call themselves American under one idea of America. This country has lost some of its health, and our news reports of shootings, racism and division testify to that.

To begin to heal these wounds, this original meme of America needs to be remembered. Out of many, one. Without all of us, there would be no America. Sure, the land would be here, the buildings would be here, but what really makes and made America great though is the diversity of people working together toward a common goal. A goal of a better life for you, me and all people of the world; left and right wing of the same bird.

E pluribus unum, when and if we can come back to this original idea, freedom of speech and religion become easier goals. When we remember that we are all people, all wanting to be American citizens, we have a commonality that binds and unites us for a higher cause.

Josey Wales


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