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Letter: CORE Act important for Eagle County

I want to thank David Lien for his excellent letter on the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act and elaborate on some additional issues.

I had the pleasure of hiking this summer with Susie Kincade who works with the nonprofit Wilderness Workshop. She led several wonderful hikes to the key local areas that the CORE Act would benefit. We visited Camp Hale, Spraddle Creek and Homestake Ridge. The two latter areas were wonderfully wild places, and Camp Hale is a fascinating area as well. CORE would secure permanent protection for 400,000 acres across Colorado and 100,000 acres in Eagle and Summit counties. Without that protection, these public lands would be threatened by energy development, new mines, logging and unnecessary roads. Our air and water could be polluted. Outdoor recreation would be more restricted. Wildlife habitats would be threatened. 

In explaining the efforts to create the CORE Act, Susie outlined all those involved and I was impressed that so many stakeholders were included to develop a document that recognized and balanced the needs of citizens, businesses, sportsmen and conservation groups. In this political climate of divisiveness, this type of cooperation is remarkable.

Rep. Neguse and Sen. Bennet have supported CORE. I would urge Senator Gardner to co-sponsor it as well. All those who love the outdoors should let your representatives know of your support as well.

Andrea Klein

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