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Letter: 254,271 dead and counting

On Nov. 3, We The People overwhelmingly elected Joe Biden as the 46th president, by a much larger margin than President Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Yet President Trump still claims that he won!

There are 254,271 Americans dead and still counting from COVID-19. Well, if President Trump thinks he won, why is he not acting like the president? He has not interacted with the COVID-19 Task Force for months. He has his supporters denying that that there is a health risk. There has been silence on an economic stimulus by this administration and the GOP-controlled Senate.

He wants to take credit for the vaccines, (great, it is not yet available and will need to be distributed after he is no longer in the White House), yet credit is not the issue — it is the safety of the American people. And there are 254,271 dead and counting.

In the meantime, Trump has refused to allow the Biden administration access to important information regarding COVID-19, vaccine distribution, intelligence, foreign relations, the economy — the list is endless. He has also refused the necessary funds for the transition. This refusal causes significant harm to the nation’s health, economy and general well-being. And there are 254,271 dead and still counting.

Instead of acting like a president and upholding his oath to protect the American people from risks both foreign and domestic, he is playing golf and undermining our democracy. It is time for Donald Trump to act like a president or get out of the way and allow the peaceful transition of power to occur just like the 44 presidents before him. And there are 254,271 dead and still counting.

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Stephen Gordon


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