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Letter: A Berlaimont solution

Despite the U.S. Forest Service draft decision released on Sept. 24 relating to the 680-acre Berlaimont Estates, why not look for a common ground solution for the community, the developers, and the Forest Service?
The community, wildlife experts, and even Eagle County officials have addressed serious concerns of this project.

The developers, Petr Lukes and Jana Sobotova, along with their consultant, Andy Hensley, are weighing and reviewing the Forest Service Alternative 2 Approval which is contrary to their desired Alternative 3 road access request.

The U.S. Forest Service draft decision was based on the legal obligation under the Alaska Native  Interest Land Conservation Act providing adequate access to the inholding and thus minimizing impact on Forest Service land by keeping access across the forest entirely on existing roads. This is not what the developers want, nor the community.

So how can we solve this development for all concerned parties?

  • Land Donation by developers: Land conservation and preservation should not be taken out of the equation. Land conservancies preserve land for future generations, provide wildlife habitat, and strengthen the value of our community.
  • Tax advantage and credits: Both federal and states have financial tax values for the donor.
  • Create a land swap.
  • No action at all — the property remains as is.
  • Defer development problems: Real concerns come into play with the need for water, fire protection, police protection and environmental/natural resources.

Let’s do what is best for our community and retain this property in a preserved state that will enhance the beauty of our valley and further encourage land conservation for future generations.

Kevin Milbery


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