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Letter: A broken promise from Vail Resorts

It was with shock and disbelief that I read the Vail Daily’s front-page headline on Monday: “Booth Heights saga continues.” Vail Resorts has broken a promise to the town of Vail and all of its guests at every resort.

Here is Vail Resorts’ mission statement:

“At Vail Resorts, everything we do is built upon the promise of bringing together the mountains, our communities, employees and guests to ignite a passion for the outdoors, conserve the natural environment and support our local communities for a bright, sustainable future.”


If the Booth Heights project goes forward, it will kill the East Vail herd of bighorn sheep. We know that from the testimony of experts.

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Maybe it would be more humane if Vail Resorts hired someone to just shoot the herd. It is better than slowly starving to death.

And I have never been able to get a clear understanding of why Vail Resorts would only have to pay two years of back property taxes on the land. If it had previously been thought to be CDOT property, does that mean taxpayers dollars have been spent to pay taxes for Vail Resorts since 1981?


Robin Burch


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