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Letter: A choice vs no choice

I want to express my appreciation for Nate Peterson’s well-written column addressing gun violence. I just wish he didn’t have to write it.

This year we lost some wonderful and talented members of our community to avalanches. They all made a choice to ride the snow in challenging terrain that many of them have skied for years. The key here is “they made a choice.” I’m sure none of these individuals thought this was the day they were going to die, but they all understood the risk.

People killed in mass shootings don’t have a choice. Going to the grocery store shouldn’t be an exercise in life survival and a 6-year-old attending kindergarten shouldn’t be a death sentence. Their lives were taken from them because a mentally ill person was able to get a hold of a gun. Gun enthusiasts argue it’s people that kill, not guns. But I bet you, if easy access to a gun was not there — these people and a lot more people would still be alive.

I really hope this time it’s different, and Richard Carnes’ “wash, rinse, repeat” does not come true.

Annie Goodman


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