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Letter: A Christian community would mask up

Thank you for continuing to print information about the pandemic. Your article about the struggle between the county and Cornerstone Christian School confirms what I have heard about several meetings on the mask issue.

It is offensive that Christianity has been contorted into some kind of justification for not wearing masks. The teachings of Jesus, and the behavior he modeled is totally in keeping with a masking up. He taught that we should love each other and modeled humility and selflessness. The main purpose of a mask is to protect those around you. Wearing one is a simple task. A Christian community would mask up to protect each other and the general public without even being asked. To make this about a God-given parental right is to make it about oneself.

No one ever said being a Christian would be easy — look how hard it was for Jesus. I’d like to thank our county officials for continuing to ask us to be selfless and to take care of each other — which has turned out to be a much harder task than it should have been.

Debra Dieter


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