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Letter: A conflict of interest in Booth Heights vote

My opinion on this matter brings up two blaring underhanded wrongs. First, the town of Vail’s Planning and Environmental Commission should have recused the young man who is employed by Vail Resorts from any consideration of this matter. Vail Resorts has a vested interest in the outcome wherein a good faith decision is impossible to make. Asking him if he could be impartial is absurd. In corporations, courts, government, town issues, any situation where one has a vested interest and a voting decision has to be made that concerns one’s employer, the individual is recused. This is standard procedure for obvious reasons.

Also the $100,000 appears to be a “sweetening of the pot” to keep the town council appeased with no further interference. The PEC vote should be overturned, the Vail employee recused, and the vote retaken.

Ron Pollack

East Vail

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