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Letter: A counterpoint to Trump bashing

I read with interest the “Clear and present danger in the White House” letter in your July 13 edition. I think differences of opinion are important and worth discussion. The writer’s points are that the current president’s personality apparently leaves a great deal to be desired, and that our very way of life is at stake, and that the vast majority of the blame falls on Republicans. 

She points to recent shootings in schools and places of worship, denial of the severe consequences of climate change, hard-line immigration policies, and implies motives of hate and racism on the part of ‘white’’ folks.

Trump even refuses to show his taxes! 

And, all this ignores that for much of the recent past, it has been the Democratic party which has been in charge. Much of the decline and danger we now face is because of the policies of previous administrations. As far as the ad-hominem language is concerned, I would vote for the very devil himself, if he would enforce the integrity of our borders, make sure the immigrants being admitted to our country are legal, share our values, and are not terrorists. Besides, in all that the writer has mentioned, she ignores the vicious opposition of the other party, their legal perversions, and reckless shift to the hard left.

For my part, there is no justice unless it is equal justice! Those who break our laws must be prosecuted and jailed no matter what their status or positions may be. 

We are actually much safer now in our relations with other countries, and this will improve even further in the future. And, by the way, the economy isn’t doing too badly either. The major beneficiaries of this have been the blue-collar workers, and minorities. Since when are records in unemployment and job creations unimportant?

So, I couldn’t disagree more with the writer viewpoints and welcome the discussion.

Morton Mower, M.D.

Beaver Creek  

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