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Letter: A culture killer for Vail

To the town of Vail, as someone who’s watched the valley change a lot over the last 26 years, I must say that Vail doing away with two-hour free parking seems to be a final sword to the heart of this town. I’m so disappointed in the council members. We all know that Eagle County has become much less affordable, and harder to make the lifestyle work. The next generation won’t stay and fill the jobs we need them to if this place keeps going the way it is, and small businesses can’t find enough workers already.

The two-hour free parking was what made a trip to Vail worth the gas and time for a short session on the hill. That’s the lifestyle. The people who are going to park all day to ski are going to pay anyway — why punish the locals in this way? By the time you can’t find anyone to flip your burger or fit your ski boot, it will be too late to rebuild your culture.

It seems you’re more worried about someone being able to walk in fancy shoes in town than you are about the people who keep your town running and moved here to ski. I had to laugh when I walked through town yesterday and didn’t see a single set of skis until I got to the lift, just a bunch of selfies. Ditch the snow-melting, climate-killing pavers, and bring back the free two-hour parking, and think about the locals for once. 

Al Carson

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