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Letter: A lesson about socialism

I don’t think Butch Mazzuca knows what socialism is. It hasn’t failed here in America. We have had socialism in the United States for years. Social Security, Medicare, our police, firemen, public schools, the Coast Guard and all our military branches — all are socialistic in nature and in practice.

We fund all these with our tax dollars for the greater good. Ask yourself if we should give these things up because they represent socialism. Equating South American dictators with socialists is just BS. They are dictatorships, not social democracies.

We should have socialized medicine. We should have education provided through at least college or even though graduate school for the common good. The threat is not socialism but unchecked, out-of-control capitalism. I have no problem with large companies and the rich. I have a problem with them running the country for their benefit at the expense of everyone else. Does anyone really need more than a billion dollars? Socialism at its core is the notion: “For The Common Good.”

Ron Stone


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