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Letter: A limited government that has done serious harm

Well, I enjoyed Butch Mazzuca’s self-imposed respite from writing political columns during the pandemic. Unfortunately, he has decided that the worst has passed and is back in action with his political diatribes.

His May 11 column in the Vail Daily is trying to equate the democratic left to communism and fascism. Honestly, it’s not worth trying to point out his absurdities except to respond to his question:  “… has anyone heard of a limited government causing harm to humankind?”

That’s easy: President Trump’s incompetent, limited government response to COVID-19. It was less than three months ago, February 26, that the president (and I’m paraphrasing) stated that the United States has 15 cases and soon it will be zero. And, once it warms up, it should miraculously disappear.

As of May 17, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the United States has 88,709 COVID-19 deaths or nearly 1/3 of the world’s total. Our economy has ground to a halt. Had President Trump taken action in March the impact would have been dramatically reduced. Instead, President Trump’s limited government has resulted in trillions of dollars of federal bailouts while the necessary testing to reopen the economy is still far too inadequate.    

Fortunately, we have governors that have taken action to reduce the impact, including Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, who took dramatic and controversial actions early on, which have reduced COVID-19 effects in the state, as well as Gov. Jared Polis in Colorado. The irony of the situation is that until the pandemic, President Trump was well-positioned for re-election. Now, with his limited government approach, that is open to question.

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Kent Lupberger


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