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Letter: A mega-development we don’t need in Edwards

As some of you may know, there is a proposal to develop a piece of vacant property adjacent to Highway 6 in Edwards. This has been designated as mixed-use commercial/residential on the county’s future long-range plans. However, the developers are proposing a mega-development, which is totally out of character for the neighborhood, including 80,000 square feet of commercial space, more than 500 housing units to include homes, apartments and a hotel (up to 100 feet high), as well as parking garages, an amphitheater and various other structures. 

Please notice that there is NO provision for any subsidized housing for local workforce or senior citizens. The size and scope of this project are totally out of character with the neighborhood, and contradicts the long-term plan guidelines, which state under Character, section B, “building height compatible with adjacent structures.” 

The developer also wants to halve the setback requirements from Highway 6, from 50 to 25 feet. The projected development would increase traffic (their projections) on Highway 6 by over 50%, and would certainly impact the resident elk herd and existing eagle nesting site immediately adjacent to the property. I cannot fathom how a mega-development built adjacent to an existing wetlands/flood plain can be a positive thing for those of us living and working in the Vail Valley.

Frank and Lynn Matthews


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