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Letter: A moment in time

This is a moment in time in so many respects! I am so very proud of the young people in our country who are willing to risk their lives to stand up for our civil liberties and to speak out against the injustices of racism that has been allowed for 400 years. As Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina has stated, “We are at a crossroads in our country.” Our only hope is the young people to keep their eyes on the prize, to keep fighting, and to have more respect for each other and to vote. A man who won’t take risks will accomplish nothing in life. The people who are protesting are risking their lives with the coronavirus still upon us.

There must be a restructuring of the health care system, the education system, the judicial system, immigration reform, gun reform laws and police reform laws. The only way to accomplish this is for the young people to have “God in their heart” and keep repeating that “all men are created equal.” Racism is a cancer on our society!

Since Jim Mattis, John Kelly, Colin Powell, Mitt Romney and a few other Republicans have spoken out against Trump, it has now given me hope for the future of America. 

This moment in time will no doubt go down in history as the time when we had the most corrupt president ever to be elected, and he has made the situation of the coronavirus so much worse by his downplaying it early on and ignoring such common-sense practices as wearing a mask. Trump’s failure as a president defies description. 

We must all come together in this moment in time for a more perfect union. God bless, America.

Linda Carr


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