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Letter: A new motto for Vail

Communities, product and service brands, and other entities have their one-liners. Here, in the Vail area, Vail Resorts has its “Like No Place on Earth” or something similar. It’s a good one — you can make it mean whatever you want.

But how about Vail in the larger sense — the municipal town, the resort amenities, the mountain, the hospital, a place to live? That covers a lot. Hence, how about a catchy, easy-to-remember acronym, V-A-I-L:

 V = Vitality
A = Activities
I = Inspiration
L = Love

As with the Vail Resorts slogan, the reader can fill in the full meaning or examples — here are opportunities for each of the four words. Just another crazy notion from a 30-plus year Vail resident.

Paul Rondeau

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