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Letter: A perfect example of the liberal elite

Jay Wissot presents the perfect example of the frame of thought of the liberal elite in his latest Vail Daily column. “If you don’t make the same decisions that I do, if you have different beliefs from me, if you don’t follow the same narrative that I do, you are stupid.” Your arrogance is unfathomable.

“We are not a nation of Einsteins”(implying that you are an exception). But, we should not forget, Einstein moved to this nation and made his enormous contributions to science here.

The scammer and flimflammers are on both sides of the aisle. The election fraud hoax (which was stopped principally by GOP-appointed judges) is a blip compared to the Russian collusion hoax propagated by the Democrats in Congress.

Huey Long’s empty promises are the same as the liberal promises for a universal basic income.

Climate change is a fact, but the facts are being skewed to manipulate the population through fear and greed. Read “Unsettled” by Dr. Stephen Koonin.

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If you are arrogant enough to call someone else stupid, you need to show your evolution has provided you a greater separation from monkeys. You behave like a trained monkey for “outspoken leaders and conspiracy cranks” like Bernie Sanders, AOC and Adam Schiff.

Some people make well-reasoned, risk-based decisions on whether or not to get vaccinated. I don’t agree with them either, and some of those decisions are based on grossly erroneous facts. But, they are not going to be convinced to get vaccinated because you think they are stupid.

Michael Moore


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