Letter: A person of character

On Friday, while out on a bike ride I lost my wallet that contained my driver’s license, Medicare card, several credit cards, and in excess of $200 in cash. I didn’t realize it was missing until I returned home and began unpacking my bike’s carrier bag where I carry a jacket, some tools, a water bottle, etc. When I began looking for the wallet I noticed a baggie ‘someone’ had placed under the right windshield wiper of my car — and in the baggie was my wallet with a short sentence scribbled on it — “Found this AM along (purposely left blank)” with no name or means for me to thank the individual.  

Obviously, a person of character drove over to my home, saw my car in the driveway, and placed the baggie with my wallet on my car. First of all, I would like to thank the individual who did this, and if they are reading this, I wish they would contact me to I can express my appreciation and gratitude in a more substantial way than a letter to the editor in the Vail Daily.  

For this gesture to occur, especially on this weekend, has real significance for me; it renews my belief in the people of the valley and I hope whoever did this reaches out to me at 970-926-9111 or God bless America.

Butch Mazzuca

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