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Letter: A plea to parents

This is a plea to parents, in this new year, to teach your children not only to be kind to those who are different from them, but to try to understand them.

My least favorite Christmas song is “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” because the other reindeer only “loved him” after he was called on to do something spectacular. Before that, they bullied him, and no one stopped them. Although I’ve been told, “It’s only a song” – I know that songs can teach just as well as stories, and adult examples. Neither children nor adults should feel that they have to do or be something out of the ordinary to be appreciated or loved.

I think it is human nature to like what we are familiar with and to be a bit afraid of that which is different. Sometimes, out of that fear comes bullying and rejection. I think deliberate cruelty is the worst sin there is, but I don’t know what to call the other kind of cruelty.

Please encourage your children to try to be open to those who they think are not like them, and at the very least, to be kind. I know I am over-simplifying, but I do believe we can give Colorado an even better future.

Katherine Delanoy


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