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Letter: A plea to the governor for fall sports

Gov. Jared Polis, please reconsider and allow CHSAA to restart fall sports.  Our student-athletes have been preparing all summer for their 2020 fall season and could start play in a couple of weeks. This would allow the fall athletics to end before the cold and flu season begins.   

My own son who is a senior is struggling with not knowing if he will ever play football again. The time is now. Colorado is in the green and doing much better than other states dealing with COVID-19 that are playing fall sports.  If schools are safe enough to return to the classroom, why are we not safe enough to return to the athletic fields and courts? 

Athletic directors and coaches have already been following the proper precautions during practices and the allowed athletic events. I just want to see my son and his peers given the chance to compete again. Gov. Polis can be reached by email at: governorpolis@state.co.us or by phone at 303-866-2885. 

Todd Huck


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