Letter: A poem for Ukraine

I was told to write a poem,

How can I do that, when I barely know the history of Rome?

I will do my best,

along with trying to rest

My heart says this will be a masterpiece,

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My mind disagrees, arguing that I should cease.

Here now is the poem,

Read it to allow your mind to ramble and roam.

Bright, yellow sunflowers of Ukraine,

Stand tall through sun and rain,

Reminding us that hope remains,

Maybe Putin will refrain.

Bloodshed is numerous in this invasion,

How long will it be its duration,

Children are dying with no good explanation,

My mind feels sad and horrifed when I think of this vision,

Putin says he is saving Ukraine from Nazis and other horrible creations,

Yet for Putin it seems fine, what a horrible imagination.

Let us hope this war of rage,

Will diminish and leave the media’s stage,

Making the world a better place.

We all watch the news about this war,

Yet we stand quietly next to our safe shore

We would want people to come help us when we are afraid,

Why can’t we provide some extra aid?

Sadly I am lost on what to do,

But if we can unite, we will make it through!

Speak up … Stand up,

Know what is right,

And let that guide your mind through this plight.

Paige Middleton


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