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Letter: A poorly hatched plan for $40 million in revenue

The Mountain Recreation board hasn’t adequately answered where and how this $40 million will be used. The board and staff have not received approvals from the entities required for the vague plans they have outlined. With the increase in property values, and understanding there is another reevaluation of property values coming in 2024, how much money will Mountain Rec really be receiving, whether or not this measure passes?

During this time of skyrocketing inflation, it seems unreal that anyone would vote to raise property taxes. People are struggling to maintain their lifestyle as the price of everything is rising. With new increased property values, there will be an increase in property taxes and now we want to add another taxation on top of this?

Can we talk about affordable housing in Eagle County? Applying this additional recreation tax to our property tax bill is completely incongruous with any concept of “affordable” housing. Whether you own property, or rent, this will adversely affect your quality of life, and your cost of living. All who live on the western end of Eagle County (excluding Singletree) will have to pay for this.

Please vote No on All Access Rec.

Jeanne Nelson

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