Letter: A response to Butch’s musings

I like that the Vail Daily provides a platform for Butch Mazzuca’s musings. The light helps illuminate the disingenuousness of his arguments. Where to start —probably his belief in absolutism. When folks talk about the importance of diversity, there is no comparative in that statement —they are not arguing that minority status is of greater importance than character.  

I have not heard anybody argue that wind farms will save the planet. You can be a climate change denier without making silly arguments that attempt to paint the scientists and believers as simpletons. Is it not safer to vote by mail during a pandemic than voting in person, even if we go to City Market for food? Is there anything wrong with making it easier to vote even if it wasn’t safer? I don’t even understand his point on white supremacy.  And I don’t think he understands Democratic Socialism.

And finally, does he truly believe the protests were honoring the memory of George Floyd instead of a reaction (and sometimes overreaction and inappropriate violence on the part of some) to the plight of our black citizens and friends that continues from the time of slavery. Does Butch really stimulate thoughtful discussion?

Mike Block


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