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Letter: A silver lining during a trying season

It’s been a rough season for everyone in the Eagle Valley who works in the service industry. As a dispatcher for a local transportation company, I get to speak with hotel staff all day, every day, and let me tell you, I can hear the exhaustion in everyone’s voices, and I know they can hear it in mine. We’re all dealing with trying to provide the highest level of service possible to an honestly insane number of visitors with far fewer resources than we need with regard to available staff and time.

But I’m not writing this letter just to express yet more of the woes of the working class in our area to an apparently unsympathetic bourgeoisie. Rather, I’m writing to share what has been a bit of a silver lining to the frustration and exhaustion of this season.

In 11 seasons working in the transportation industry, I have never had such a wonderfully cooperative working relationship with so many hotel concierge, front desk staff and valets. I would just like to truly express my gratitude and deep appreciation for all the patience, understanding and sense of camaraderie I’ve received from so many people I speak with daily, not to mention the occasional much-needed, mutual venting sessions. The following list by no means includes everyone who’s been wonderful this season, but they’re the ones to whom I would especially like to say thank you (I apologize if I misspell any names).

  • Joe and Ali at the Park Hyatt
  • Gabby at the Hythe
  • Christina at the Grand Hyatt
  • Tami and Jasmine at Manor Vail Lodge
  • Parvati at the Beaver Creek Lodge
  • Theo and Dustin at the Ritz BG

Thank you to all the locals and service staff out there for working together and being kind to each other this season.

Cora Sperry

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