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Letter: The rodeo from a different perspective

First, let me please explain that I am far from the smartest thing on the planet but I do experience things like fear, terror, pain, curiosity, and contentment, among some other emotions. The other day some friends and I piled into a truck and went to what we were hoping might be greener pastures. Upon arriving we found that we had actually ended up at a very loud, hot, dry and dirty place. This place made us pretty uneasy, but we were here now, so joined the others like us to see what was going to happen.

Before I knew it a door opened and I was suddenly being chased by someone on horseback. As he gained on me, I felt sheer terror and ran for my life.

All of a sudden I felt something wrap around my neck, tighten, and I was violently jerked backward. I could not have been more terrified as this person then threw me to the ground and bound all of my limbs. I was completely at his mercy and the noise surrounding us was deafening. I was sure this was the end of me.

Well, I was wrong because he unbound me and put me back with my friends, but I was still pretty shaken up after what had just happened. Imagine my surprise when I saw them do the same thing to each of my friends!

This is just one example of what it is like for us when we are taken to a rodeo. It is very saddening to me that my human “friends” took such great pleasure watching me and my friends being treated like we didn’t have feelings or emotions. They somehow seemed to take great pleasure watching us run for our lives, being slammed to the ground and bound. I later learned that our human friends actually PAID money to enjoy our suffering! Seriously? I have to ask that you please consider this before you support rodeos, and teach your children that it is OK to torture animals for fun.

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Thank you for allowing me to share our side of a rodeo.

Baby Cow

Ross Woodward


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