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Letter: A welcome adjustment to leashing policy for dog owners

Recently you ran an article entitled “Know your leash laws” in the April 11 print edition.

In the article, Eagle County Animal Services Field Services Manager Nathan Lehnert stated that leash laws are not unified throughout the county and that efforts to update the animal service regulations have stalled since 2018. 

However, a recent Eagle County District Court Order in January 2023 has resulted in some refinement of the policies and procedures in animal enforcement in Eagle County, according to Lehnert.

Specifically, the District Court Order stated that a homeowner who has properly restrained his dog on private property is not liable for a dog bite or injury to a trespasser or intruder. This also comports with Colorado State Law (C.R.S. 13-21-125 (5) (a) & (b). This adjustment to the policy was transmitted to the town of Vail and should be transmitted to other towns in the county.

The adjustment in policy is welcomed in light of the inability to reach a consensus across the board in the proposed update to animal control restrictions by Eagle County. Citizens may feel comfortable that they will no longer be cited for protection of their property by intruders who are confronted on their property by their properly restrained dogs. 

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Robert Truscheit

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