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Letter: A wonderful neighbor going the extra mile

After 20 years, I reluctantly had to change my post office box from Avon to Edwards. Along with all the minutia this entails, there is the simple fact that some things are going to fall through the cracks. Some of the issues were my fault, some were caused by businesses not following through on information and a variety of other mishaps all exasperating to say the very least.

After six weeks of virtually no mail being forwarded and obvious items missing in action, I slowly began to get a trickle of forwarded mail deliveries.

One day I got an odd text from one of my former coworkers who just asked if I was getting my mail. I was confused so I reached out and she explained that she had seen an ad taken out in the Vail Valley Classifieds on Facebook about mail that was being delivered to the PO Box for Lacy’s in Edwards. It turned out that several of my vital business contacts had typed in one wrong digit and she was repeatedly getting my mail put in her box. Tiffany, one of the owners of Lacy’s had taken the time to reach out through this classified section to try and help get my mail to me. 

Fortunately for me, one of my friends saw this and I was reconnected to my mail which she had kept for me. This was right around the holidays so I can imagine how busy she must have been, but she still went the extra mile to try and help out someone she did not know at all!

I love living in this valley for reasons just like this!

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Randy Smith

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