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Letter: About Boebert’s column

The most puzzling thing to me about U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s recent column in the Vail Daily, besides being one of the finest examples of a wholly self-unaware individual that I’ve ever seen, is how the Vail Daily is the only publication owned by Swift Communications to run this piece.

Boebert doesn’t even represent Vail, and with the recently redrawn districts, she barely even represents Eagle County at all. Why did her team, which so clearly wrote this on her behalf, not also seek to run this column in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, the Rifle Citizen Telegram, The Aspen Times or the Craig Daily Press? Those are papers owned by the same publisher as the Vail Daily, and all are papers existing in counties that are entirely within her district. What does her team expect to accomplish by publishing a column of unproductive grandstanding in a district that has no functional way to keep her employed even if they wanted to?

Seems a lot to me like all that does — name-calling and grandstanding to people she barely represents — simply extends to the public the very vitriol in Congress she claims to be against in her very first paragraph.

Pete Troester


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