Letter: About Matt Solomon’s EV remark

In his comments after winning the nomination for Colorado State Senate District 8, Matt Solomon claimed that he visited all 10 counties in the district in a single day and wouldn’t have made it home had he been driving an electric vehicle.


Have you ever taken a road trip in an EV? Have you ever asked an EV owner about range and charging?

I drive Tesla Model Y. Last fall my wife and I had to go from Edwards to Glenwood Springs to renew our driver licenses.

As we headed through the canyon it started to rain, then came the mud and then I-70 closed.

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Rather than wait for the road to open, we decided to take the scenic route. Rifle, up 13 to Craig, across 40 through Kremmling, to Silverthorne, and back home. If my map search is correct, that got us through eight of the 10 counties in the district.

We had no need to go east of Summit, but could have easily visited Clear Creek and Gilpin if we had the need.

We charged while taking a restroom and lunch break in Craig (not far from the “we love coal” sign) and then again in Silverthorne, while taking another restroom break.

We made it home by early afternoon.

Two charging (restroom/lunch) stops along the way and we bypassed chargers in Glenwood Springs, Kremmling and Edwards because we didn’t need them. Total charging time: 30-35 minutes.

Had we decided to visit Clear Creek and Gilpin we could have replaced the Silverthorne stop with a charging stop in Idaho Springs, perhaps while having an early dinner at Beau Jo’s before heading back to Edwards.

All 10 in a single day in an EV.

John DiToro


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