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Letter: About that Trump cartoon

The editorial cartoon in the Jan. 11 edition of the Vail Daily was amusing but wrong in one very significant way. The cartoon shows Donald Trump attempting to join the Autocrats Club but being rejected because he has yet to “ruthlessly seize power by illegitimate means.”

On the wall inside the windows of the Autocrats Club is a picture of Adolf Hitler.

It is significant that Adolf Hitler came to power by fully legitimate means, with the full backing of right wingers within the Weimar Republic, including the then-president, General Paul von Hindenburg. It is also worth pointing out that Trump, having lost the 2020 election, was trying to remain in power and, like Hitler, to achieve that by fully legitimate, if underhanded, means.

Like Hitler, Trump was using a cabal of extreme right-wing supporters, including retired generals and a vast majority of the Republican members of Congress. It is becoming increasingly clear that a legitimate takeover of this country by an extreme minority faction of a political party, against the will of the majority, and upending the very foundations upon which this country was built, could yet happen in the United States.

The way to avoid that happening this November, or in 2024, is for us all to register to vote and then to go out and vote in massive numbers for anyone but those who would seek to return Trump to the White House as an autocrat.

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Nicholas Fickling


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