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Letter: About the Rittenhouse verdict

I read with interest the letter to the editor that attempted to clarify the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Unfortunately the writer left a few things out.

The writer wanted to point out that Rittenhouse was not found innocent. That is correct, however the jury was never asked to find Rittenhouse innocent, as our system presumes everyone is innocent until proven guilty. You see, in many authoritarian countries across the world, people are presumed guilty until proven innocent. Thankfully, that is not the case in the United States.

Twelve members of the jury sat through days of testimony to find Rittenhouse not guilty of murder. That is good enough for most Americans. Unfortunately not all.

Secondly, the writer said that civil judgments find people guilty. That is not the case. Rittenhouse may in fact be sued civilly and may be found partially at fault for some of his actions that night, or he may not. However, in no case will they find him guilty.

With the rioting, mayhem and looting going on that night, it would have been better for Rittenhouse to leave the protecting of property up to the police. That does not mean he cannot defend himself from said criminals.

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Joseph Joyce


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