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Letter: Actually, Gardner is helping the middle class

I would like to take issue with the letter recently printed in the Vail Daily by six residents arguing against Cory Gardner. This letter is addressing the statements made regarding the tax cuts approved by Congress in 2017.
Democrats continue to spew untruths and purposely omit the various advantages these cuts have provided to all of us.  Higher wages, increased take-home pay, and new employee benefits have created unprecedented prosperity for the middle class. Ninety percent of Americans are seeing a tax cut.

Let’s not forget the continuous increase in employment. Women, Hispanics and African Americans are seeing record low unemployment. We now have the best employment numbers in 60 years. Many companies are sharing the financial savings of the tax cuts with their employees in higher wages, increased retirement benefits, health insurance and lower utility bills for us.

Tax cuts combined with deregulations have allowed our country to thrive and prosper. Countries, companies and people now want to do business with the United States.  Combining all the stock exchanges there have been more than 530 all-time closing highs since the Trump election. In fact, on July 3, 2019, stocks again closed at record highs. A reminder that the stock market is an indicator of how well our economy is doing, which translates into how well we are all doing, including the middle class.

Joyce Chizmadia


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