Letter: Adam Quinton for Holy Cross Energy board

I am writing this letter to publicly support Adam Quinton’s re-election to the Holy Cross Board of Directors.

Holy Cross Energy holds a vision that they will be “leading the responsible transition to a clean energy future.” To do so, Holy Cross Energy needs effective, passionate leaders at the helm, and Adam Quinton is certainly one of them. I met Adam during my time working for the Climate Action Collaborative at Walking Mountains Science Center and through his voluntary involvement in the Collaborative, I learned how proactive he is with climate action work within the Eagle County Community and beyond.

My conversations with Adam have always been enlightening. I glean new insight and/or information about clean energy and climate work in every exchange. It is easy to tell that Adam is well-spoken, analytical, creative, and absolutely dedicated to the Holy Cross Energy mission and vision. He is a proponent of logical, forward-thinking, and effective solutions to the challenges that arise from decarbonization of the electric grid.

Climate change is impacting Eagle County right here, right now. It is important to have leaders like Adam Quinton to recognize the needs of Holy Cross Energy members and enhance the resiliency of the community, all to help pave the path toward a clean energy future. Therefore, I strongly support Adam and hope you will too by continuing to cast your vote for him.

Claire Kantor

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Denver (former resident of Avon)

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