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Letter: Affordable rental insanity

This letter is in regard to the severe affordable housing shortage in the valley. I’ve lived in the valley for a little over eight years now, have a stable job in the hospital, and housing remains to be the largest obstacle to living here. I see old townhomes and apartments being recycled year after year with no renovations, minimal upkeep, but still the rent keeps getting raised because “that’s the going rate.”

At a certain point, sooner than later, the community that keeps this valley operating smoothly won’t be able to afford living here. I’m referring to those who make it possible for the tourists Vail caters to so much to have “an experience of a lifetime.” This is the servers, bartenders, boot fitters, ski tuners, retail sales workers, clerks, nurses, EMTs, groundskeepers and garbage men — the list goes on!

The point is, these are the people keeping this community afloat. Meanwhile the landlords (generally speaking) of the same community seem to be attempting to make a quick buck on the backs of the working class by continuously upping the rental prices. We live here for the lifestyle and by no means expect to live lavishly, but we need to draw the line somewhere if we intend to keep this community running smoothly.

Charging $1,000 to $2,000 for a place that hasn’t been updated in over 20 years is unacceptable. We need to have each other’s backs and help those around us, rather than capitalize on the high demand for housing. I’ve seen plenty of housing going up but very little of it has been affordable. In 2017, Fair Market Rental pricing was $2,200 to $3,000 for a four bedroom. Now we are looking at two bedrooms for the same price — meanwhile income and wages for these working class jobs has not changed at all.

Evan Hannibal


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