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Letter: After Roe falls, what’s next?

Five male Supreme Court justices, nominated by two men who became president while losing the popular vote (George W. Bush in 2000, Donald Trump in 2016) and confirmed by a majority-male Republican Senate representing a minority of the population, are set to impose their version of conservative Christian morals on the country. This would strip constitutional protections to reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy from millions of women, relegating them to a future as second-class citizens.

What happened to the right to freedom of religion? Many religions state that the life of the mother is paramount to the fetus. Where is the morality in forcing women with unwanted pregnancies, including victims of rape or incest, to carry the pregnancy to term? This is the inauguration of the age of The Great Imposition — what will be the next freedom to fall victim to this twisted version of Christian morality being forced on the country?

Nancy Tashman


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