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Letter: After the barn, what next?

We’ve loved our 10 years in the valley, engaging with the community through church, cultural events and sporting activities. And we’ve watched the barn debacle with more than passing interest after years (and generations) in business and ranching. Those experiences lead us to believe that good business — whether a cow-calf operation, retail, or manufacturing — and good government share core principles that include strategic vision and cautious financial administration.

Our town’s fragmented approach, one that funds an unprofitable entertainment stage one year and tries to move a decrepit barn another, hides a bigger problem: the lack of a cohesive and attractive identity for Avon, one that transforms it from a place to drive through on the way from an airport to Vail or Beaver Creek, or to shop in Edwards. What if we channel the energy on both sides of the barn debate into developing and implementing a voter-approved, progressive vision that benefits Avon citizens — single or married, young or old, affluent or just starting out. Voters have proven their commitment by providing input on the town’s direction and investments, so why not take advantage of this engagement?

The town of Avon needs to craft its identity in a proactive, well-thought-through, budgeted way. Until this happens it’s too easy to chip away at our financial resources one stage, or one barn, at a time. That reactive approach prevents the town from becoming what it could be: a fine place for people — whatever their demographic — to live, visit, enjoy and, prosper.

Norma and Randall Horton


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