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Letter: Ain’t it great to have known Coach Ramunno?

Like many other Eagle Valley High School students, Coach John Ramunno was a great influence on me during my time at Eagle Valley. Whenever I was visiting back home, I enjoyed greeting him with “Hey Coach! What’s new? How’s the football team look this year?” He’d respond “Reitz! How are ya?” in his gruff voice that was the envy of any drill sergeant.

He was always “Coach” to me and always will be. Like the legions of students that gratefully count themselves among his athletes, I too have my own Coach stories. I played football under Coach, and he also saw me wrestle for Eagle Valley. I know he didn’t like seeing his B back and linebacker cut weight for wrestling, but he understood and supported me.

Coach spent many of his own hours in the weight room during summers keeping it open for those who wanted to improve. He sat with us to review game film on Mondays with insights to help us prepare for the next week (and to settle any debates about what actually happened during a play). Coach always had us prepared for our opponents. He would share a story and an esoteric metaphor in the after-practice huddles. On game nights, he had us amped to go out there and show the work we put in. He especially had us jazzed for games against Battle Mountain and Cedaredge. And who could forget the season starting taco dinner?

My experience is not unique. There are many others out there with their own Coach stories and experiences that speak to the great man he was. He taught and rewarded hard work, humbleness, discipline, persistence and doing the right thing. His impact in this life was greater than anyone realizes. Myself and many others won’t forget you, Coach. Your immutable legend status is well deserved.

Tim Reitz, Eagle Valley High School Class of ‘04

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