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Letter: Air Pollution in the lower Eagle Valley

Does anyone have a problem with the numerous private jet flights going in and out of the Eagle Airport, dropping tons of pollution (both air and noise) on the residents of the lower Eagle Valley (Gypsum and Eagle)?

These flights are paid for, in large part, by a few millionaires and billionaires who want to avoid exposure to COVID-19 that might occur on commercial flights and on other means of transportation. So I guess these very wealthy people assume they have a right to poison the entire lower Eagle Valley population in order to avoid the possibility that one of them might get exposed to the virus even when commercial flights are taking precautions to avoid that exposure.

Even President Trump, who is not exactly an environmentalist, expressed concern about pollution from airplanes and the need for cleaner aircraft.
With all the polluting businesses in the lower Eagle Valley, the wall board plant, the wood-burning power plant, I-70, and worst of all the airport, the lower valley has become a sacrifice area for the rest of the County. It’s even worse because the schools are not open and may not be able to open and the children are playing outside, breathing the foul air.

This not what the pioneers had in mind when they created Vail. It is not what I had in mind years ago when I took on the Denver Water Board so they wouldn’t dry up Gore Creek.

Roger Brown

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