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Letter: Airport lot isn’t your personal park and ride

I have been flying in and out of the Eagle County Regional Airport 25 to 30 times per year for the past 17 years, and the only time I have not been able to park for free is since the second free lot has been closed.

Not seeing mostly out-of-state plates like I see during ski season or the height of summer (from caretakers leaving owner cars there for retrieval), I asked around at the airport what was going on. I learned that people are using the one remaining free lot as their personal park and ride for the bus. This lot is for passengers only. I am told it isn’t being policed right now. Also, on occasion, I have noticed Transportation Security Administration and employees parking there.

This is not fair to those of us that are regular passengers.

If the airport isn’t going to police the non-passengers using the free lot, then the parking fees for the remainder of the time that the second lot is closed should be waived.

Andrea Eddy

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