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Letter: Alex DeGolia for Holy Cross Energy board

One of the most important votes for our community is about to happen.

Holy Cross Energy is the electric cooperative that serves most of Eagle County, and its board is elected by its members, namely … you. And with this vote, you have the opportunity to be part of changing the world.

We are fortunate to have one of the most innovative and customer-oriented power companies in the nation. Holy Cross has proved that clean energy is dependable and affordable, and it will soon be providing 70% of its power from renewable resources.

It was bold and intelligent board leadership that made Holy Cross a clean energy trailblazer. And it will need to continue that bold leadership as it works to move the remaining (and more challenging) 30% of its power off of fossil fuels.

We couldn’t ask for someone more fit for this challenge than Alex DeGolia. Alex worked as a natural resources policy staffer in the Obama White House, holds a Ph.D. in environmental management, and currently runs the clean energy program at the Carbondale-based Catena Foundation, where he supports climate and clean energy policy advocacy throughout the West.

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We need Holy Cross Energy to continue its bold leadership in clean, affordable energy. Your ballot for the Holy Cross board election will arrive shortly in the mail. Don’t accidentally toss it. And when you open and fill it out, I hope you’ll choose Alex DeGolia to add his talent and expertise to the community vision at Holy Cross.

Matt Scherr

Eagle County Commissioner

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