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Letter: Alter, Conlin, Peña, Stecher, Reynolds for school board

Throughout our country, and now in Eagle County, there is a concerted effort at a takeover of our school boards by anti-vaccine, anti-sex education, anti-science conservatives. This push has a strong fundamentalist base. However, there is supposed to be a separation of church and state in this country.

Four people running for our school boards believe that the schools should concentrate on “reading, writing and arithmetic.” Whenever you see this, know that it means “no real science.” They have also indicated that parents, not medical personnel, should make decisions about the pandemic. In other words — no vaccines, no masks. Their words on their door hangers sound so sweet and sensible, but read between the lines.

The candidates that truly have our children’s education and welfare at heart are Kelly Alter, Lelia Conlin, Juan Peña, Michelle Stecher, and Dan Reynolds. Please vote for them.

You can vote for all the school board seats on the ballot, not just the one for your town. Please think about the breadth of knowledge you want our future citizens to have, and vote.

Katherine Delanoy

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