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Letter: American greatness is no myth

Jack Van Ens wrote an essay “Debunking the great, white myth of American greatness.” First of all, it was racist. Picking out an ethnic group for criticism would be unthinkable if it referred to some other racial classification; but these days, the left has made it OK to go after Whitey. Especially if they are conservative.

But — it’s not the race, it’s the culture. The standards that make for a successful society, to the extent those standards are observed. Traditional American culture is under siege, but it is still what makes this such a good place to live, regardless of what you look like. An example is Ronil Singh, who came here from Fiji because he wanted to be an American — an American cop. He worked hard at it, got a position with the Newman, Calif., Police Department, had a wife and small son. His American dream.

He was even taking lessons to improve his language skills because he wanted so much to be a part of the community. And then he was killed by someone who should not have been here, who declined to assimilate and refused to live by the rules of our culture.

People can ask themselves if they know of a better way to order society. A way that is not just conjecture, but has been tested in operation over time and shown that it works as promised. Any nominations?

American greatness is not a myth. Why are so many risking life and limb to get in here? Are they suffering from a delusion? Most people would agree that life here is pretty good, compared with the rest of the world.

Terry Quinn


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