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Letter: An alternative view on school board candidates

I must object to the letter by Paul Kulas published on Oct. 18. Education of children is something everyone should be concerned about, but Kulas is more interested in politics than in education.

Kulas clearly has an issue with conservatives, but does that disqualify someone to serve on the Board of Education? Why does it matter if they voted for Trump? Instilling political views into the classroom impede the ability to educate our children. Kulas does not mention if he asked candidates if they are liberals and support student indoctrination to ignore history, disrespect our country, and teaching that achievement and SAT scores are racist.

Kulas speaks about “winning elections when you are not looking,” which is the way the extreme left has gotten their agenda in schools reinforcing political, social and moral narratives that should be taught at home. Meanwhile, America is falling behind in basic education, which is exacerbated by school boards that focus on their political agenda rather than on education. Our schools need to focus on the three R’s, discipline, and student character and not political biases.

People who politicize education are the real problem as opposed to someone who chooses to keep their “secret” ballot secret (which is an essential characteristic of a democracy); or a guy who goes to church. Having experienced how my children were raised in Eagle County and all are now well-balanced, productive, law-abiding citizens, I prefer a conservative approach that supports values like discipline, hard work, achievement, as well as respect for peers, authority, and the rule of law.

I still am confused what Trump has to do with this. However, I do thank Kulas for doing my research for me and for convincing me to vote for Heather Bergquist and Andrew Keiser.

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Bart Cuomo


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