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Letter: An appeal to Vail Resorts

Here I am writing again, an East Vail resident (40 years full-time in bighorn), so fortunate to be in this beautiful place.

This is somewhat awkward, as I am a non-skier with a big plea directly to a powerful ski company, Vail Resorts. But time is running out to save our local bighorn sheep herd, as well as a beautiful area that will forever be marred with high-density housing. So I am appealing directly to Vail Resorts to reconsider your plan for this unsightly project, Booth Heights.  I know you are receptive to preserving our environment:

The Denver Post on Sept. l3 reported on three Colorado Fortune 500 Companies, Vail Resorts among them, that are trying to set targets for phasing out the use of fossil fuels and reducing their greenhouse-gas emissions. The director of Vail Resorts’ sustainability program stated that the company has pursued environmentally sustainable practices for a while and “as a company that’s rooted in the great outdoors, we feel a special responsibility to protect the places where we live, work and play.”

I am sure Vail Resorts is sincere. But maybe this little herd of animals and little grove of trees don’t seem as important looking out of an office window in the city. To build on this place of beauty is like the hundreds of tires found in the Eagle River (except the volunteers removed them and the river can mend). Booth Heights is forever.

Please, Vail Resort bosses, come to East Vail and just look: First at Exit 180, then turn left toward Bighorn Road. Notice the blind corner when you exit — many cars roll onto the narrow bike lane before stopping. The additional folks from the development will increase this hazard. Are you comfortable with the consequences?

Next, turn around and drive on the frontage road by the sheep habitat and building site. Doesn’t it look like a perfect area for permanent conservation? I have seen the sheep grazing directly above the planned building site, but usually, they are in the valley and trees where the sun provides warmth and melts the snow so the grass is accessible.  Then I hope you will take the time to look at your buildings on S. Frontage Road. There are quite a few empty spaces, especially in the frame shop building, a handy area for small apartments for short-term ski company employees.

Please reconsider your plan to build in Booth Creek

Jeannie Robbins


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