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Letter: An eyesore that Vail will regret

I would like to thank Kevin Foley and Brian Stockmar on opposing the Vail Town Council overruling the Design Review Board’s rejection of the unsightly design for employee housing at the entrance to Vail. The council’s bypassing of our normal channels of government in the effort to rush forward with a short-sighted project is disheartening. The town will pay for this long into the future. I would urge voters to reject any future tax increase proposals for employee housing as long as the the town continues to fund more tourist promotion. This is just a never-ending, downward cycle.

A more sensible proposal is the one proposed by Foley, and possibly others, for a lodging tax to be the sole funding for any housing initiatives so that those requiring services would be the ones to pay for them. But even this is questionable, considering the present eyesore put forward by the Town Council and Triumph.

Rol Hamelin


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