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Letter: An open letter to Mayor Dave Chapin

I urge you and your Vail Town Council colleagues to revisit your vote not to call up the egregious Planning and Environmental Commission vote to approve the Booth Heights development. Anyone with an ounce of good, correct judgement and conscience can’t fail to see the various reasons the PEC decision is highly suspect, and wrong. 

From the plan itself (too large and ill-thought-out regarding community benefit), to the wildlife impact (well-documented but essentially ignored), to the lack of transparency (and limited, inequitable public comment time), to the refusal of interested parties to recuse themselves (particularly commissioner John-Ryan Lockman), the whole deal is rotten to the core. And how are people in the highly-touted employee housing that Booth Heights proposes actually going to get back and forth? There’s not enough parking at either end and the added buses will cost the town (and taxpayers) a lot of money. 

Please do the right thing. Maybe take a minute to review the sidebar on the town of Vail website listing your alleged vision, mission, commitment, and values. To allow a commission this extent of power when it is not directly answerable to the public is wrong. The town council, and you, need to step up and start doing the public’s bidding, which in this case is: revisit Booth Heights and stop this juggernaut before it wrecks East Vail. 

Kate Dernocoeur