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Letter: An open letter to President Trump

Dear Mr. Soon-To-Be Ex-President: You’ve made history. You are now the first president to be impeached twice. I know that for you, any publicity is good publicity, so I applaud you.

The Senate will now try you. I realize that you may believe that being the first president to be thrown out of office will help your brand. But in case you have second thoughts, I’d like to suggest a way out.

It’s simple. Issue the following press release.

“My Fellow Americans: As I take leave of the presidency, I realize that many of you are under mistaken impressions about me, about our election, and about our country. I would like to clear those up.

“1. The election in November was free and fair. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won, and they won convincingly. No election is perfect, but there is no reason to challenge the overall result. To the extent that there were irregularities, I encourage the various states to continue their efforts to improve election security. Under our system of federalism, that is where the work should be done. I encourage every Republican to issue a public statement affirming that the election was free and fair. I deeply regret the many times I claimed the election was rigged or stolen. I was wrong. I apologize.

“2. I deplore what happened on Jan. 6. All those who broke into the Capitol building should be held accountable as should those who aided them. I regret anything that I said or did that encouraged anyone to think that assault on the symbol of our democracy was acceptable. I am deeply sorry for my actions and I will go to my grave with the death of Officer Brian Sicknick on my conscience.

“3. QAnon is a hoax, pure and simple. Any of you who believe in its tenets have been duped.

“4. The Confederate flag is a symbol of hate. I hope never to see it again.

“5. I will do whatever I can to assist President-Elect Biden in his efforts. Although he and I may disagree about policy, I know that he will do what he believes is in the best interests of this nation. I wish him great success.”

And once you have sent out the press release, go home, wherever that might be. And beg forgiveness from your creator.

James Harrison


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